Durty Nellie's // 11-25-16




What's New

April 10, 2015

It’s slowly turning over from a long, brutal winter here in the Midwest.  Goddamn, am I ready sit out on my porch, and sip some cocktails in the sun!

I don’t have a FB, but I wanted to reach out, and give you an update from me and the boys. 

We’re really excited over here – there’s been more going on in our camp than there has been in over a decade. The four of us are getting together weekly and arranging new tunes,
we have some Summer shows to announce soon, and we’ve even got our new website up & running.



May 13, 2014

After the NYE show at House of Blues Chicago, the guys & I started talking & came to a conclusion that we'd take a shot at making some new music. It's been 7 years since Adam & I've written a song together & arranged it w/ the guys. Both of us have gone on to successfully being the main writers in both of our new projects, AM Taxi & Super Happy Fun Clubbut neither of us would be the writers we are today w/out what we learned from each other in the decade that we were writing LBC songs. Well, at least I wouldn't. It's going to be very different w/out Joe but I know that he wouldn't want to hold us back from doing this. We will all be asking ourselves at every turn, "What would Joe play/say here?" He'd be happy for us.