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Thoughts & Memories /// Day 19

We were finally starting to get rough 'Stormchasers' mixes back from Johnny, and so I was able to more clearly hear many of Stubhy & AK's lyrics for the first time. I got the notification on my phone that "Good Luck" was uploaded, and I immediately streamed it to the stereo so my wife and my sister could listen too. Halfway through the song, my wife turns to me and says what I'm just-at-that-moment realizing myself.  "It's guys."  And suddenly, it all rushed back to me with the force of an ocean wave. The endless Summer adventures on the road.  The thousands of night's together in shitty hotels, with only drunken sing-alongs to keep us company.  Joe, behind the wheel of our van, with country music softly playing as he drove through the night.  "Good Luck" feels like twenty-years of memories, wrapped-up in a two-and-a-half-minute Replacements song. And I had absolutely no idea until I heard it recorded, playing for the first time ever, in my living room.

- Ryan

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