'Back Then' - Thought & Memories

Some of you may have read the latest post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on our 20 Songs in 20 Days giveaway which include some of our thoughts and memories of these songs. In case you missed this, we figured it'd be good to keep this here in our newsfeed. 

Please Enjoy: Jason, Ryan, Adam, Stubhy

The song ‘Back Then’ is so perfectly titled. It takes me back to all of my 1st memories of Lucky Boys Confusion, far enough back to when we weren’t yet ‘Lucky Boys Confusion’.

On a summer night in June of 1997 I was hanging out at my friend Carlitos basement at one his weekly get-togethers amongst high-school friends. Our friend Molly Dawson mentioned to me that Stubhy was trying to get ahold of me and that he started a new band. Nothing else mattered to me that night except getting in touch with him. Some of you might remember that this is before cell phones, texting, etc. And, I hated pagers.

Rewind: I had met Stubhy once before at a Farmboy show, which was his and Ryan’s other band from high school. I went to one Farmboy show and fucking loved it. It was nothing like any other local band in the Chicago scene. I was supposed to try out for Farmboy, but Stubhy and I had lost touch. So, when I heard he had started a new band I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to try out. Up until then, I wasn’t in any cool bands - I played bass by myself in my bedroom and jammed along with Red Hot Chili Pepper and Metallica records.

Back Then and back to early June 1997: I contacted Stubhy and agreed to meet at his parents house in Downers Grove and drive together to Adam Krier's parents house in Naperville. On the way there, Stubhy and I immediately connected and became great friends. He seemed like a veteran band guy to me, gave me a few tips and also told me that if we get big to make sure to keep my ego in check.

We get to Adam’s house and I don’t remember having the same bond with him right away like I did with Stubhy. Adam was sort of intimidating, on the quiet side and more reserved. Ryan Fergus had already been there and set up so they decided to show me the song ‘Back Then’. Immediately I felt like these guys had their shit together. Adam, was a great guitar player, Ryan was super solid, and Stubhy's voice was perfect for this tune. I learned the chords and immediately started playing an over complicated Flea style bassline. There was an odd look and maybe some confusion as to why I would choose to play something like that for a punk song. I didn’t listen to punk rock at all - ever. I didn’t care though and just wanted to come up with something to compliment the song. I immediately came up with what is now on our first purple 4-Song Cassette tape and later made it onto the album 'Growing Out of It'.

Jason Schultejann